Seller FAQ’s

You will want to take steps on the interior and exterior of your home. In everything you do remember that a clean well maintained home will always be more desirable to buyers and sell for more. That being said, cleaning every detail of your home is a must. Remove clutter and repair some of those pesky items that have been left undone on your “honey-do” list. Neutralize and depersonalize your home so that potential buyers can see themselves in your home. To prep the exterior a good power washing can do wonders. Apply a fresh coat of paint to the front door and keep the yard in tip-top condition. Remember the outside of the home is a buyer's first impression!

In 2022, any time is a good time to sell because the housing inventory is so low. That being said there typically is less competition in the winter months and the highest demand in the summer months.

The short answer is EVERYTHING! In Utah the seller is asked to fill out a “Property Condition Disclosure” and I would encourage you to be very honest with your answers. When you are transparent and forthcoming with your home's defects the more likely you are to avoid legal problems later.

No! No internet site can give you an accurate value of your home because each market is different and many tangible and intangible items need to be considered. A local Realtor is able to give that perspective.

Pricing a home too high will cause them to hesitate and therefore cost you more in the end because once buyers see a home has not gone under contract they will offer you less. Buyers in this current market are pretty well educated in the process, especially if they have been looking for any period of time.

A Realtor's commission is always negotiable. Period. There is a saying out there though that you get what you pay for and I have found that to be true. There are discount brokerages out there, but I have found they don’t get paid enough to care. They work on volume and not on getting to know you and what your situation requires.